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 A natural whetstone is a special product of Kyoto that is my hometown.
 I think that I can tell many people the charm of a natural whetstone.
 Thank you!!!

  Natural whetstones that I introduce are all whetstones for the finish sharpening.
  I divide from Lv1 to Lv5 in detail from among that.

   It introduces NAKATO(middle sharpening stone) on another page.

  A natural whetstone has different qualities respectively. 

  The very soft one and the very hard one are mined. 





  photograph is a natural whetstone of Hardness Lv1

  It is very soft.
  The blade of the plane stands because a lot of sharpening soup goes out. 

   A photograph is a natural whetstone of Hardness Lv5

  It is very hard. 

  The blade and ground metal shine.


     I chose all introduced natural whetstones. 
     I sharpened, and chose only a high-quality whetstone. 
     I was born and grow up in Kyoto. 
     The natural finish whetstone was mined in Kyoto.

   Because a natural whetstone is gotten directly from
   the whetstone shop in Kyoto,
   it is possible to introduce it in the value price.

   The image below is a raw ore of a natural whetstone.
   The whetstone is chosen here and it makes it to the product.