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Japanese whetstone "metalmaster NAGURA series" sharpening stone/private brand

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Weight: 50g
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My private brand NAGURA stone series.

This is the whetstone which the whetstone craftsman of KYOTO manufactured.
This whetstone craftsman is manufacturing famous various whetstones.
Materials are white alundum.
made from resin method.

How does it use?

rust remover,
for a hard natural whetstone,
for razor sharpening, Since I cut by myself, there are a little chips. im sorry.

Size 50mm 21mm 23mm(±3mm)

Weight 50g(±5g)

Japanese natural whetstone NAKAYAMA super hard ASAGI with #10000 nagura

my plane,, trial sharpening.

My private brand #10000 stone with #10000 nagura.

below image,, japanese plane trial sharpening.
with #10000 nagra stone.

Please enjoy sharpening.